Lachlan Kenya Anti-Counterfeit USSD App

We developed Lachlan Kenya Limited’s USSD (*454*99#) and web application to prevent counterfeiting of their products.

Lachlan Kenya Limited


How it works

To check the authenticity of a product with Lachlan Kenya Limited using their USSD code *454*99#, you can send a unique code associated with the product to that USSD number, and the system will provide information confirming whether the product is genuine or not.

By implementing an anti-counterfeiting solution through USSD, businesses can effectively detect and prevent the distribution of counterfeit goods. This proactive approach helps safeguard their brand reputation and maintain customer confidence in the authenticity of their products.

Anti-counterfeiting measures using USSD allow businesses to verify the authenticity of products and provide customers with accurate information about their purchases. This helps ensure that consumers are not exposed to potentially harmful or substandard products, protecting their health and safety.