Lachlan Manage Web application

With our expertise in web application development, we have created a robust and user-friendly solution that allows Lachlan Kenya Limited’s field staff to conveniently check-in their locations and provide detailed reports.

Benefits of the Lachlan Manage App

This web application enhances efficiency, transparency, and real-time visibility for Lachlan Kenya Limited, enabling them to optimize their operations and make informed decisions based on accurate data.


Before a client is available in the check-in application, the field staff have to register their details, capturing important information for Lachlan’s decision making.

The check-in data is captured automatically reducing time spent on creating daily reports and also enabling the management to see real-time employee movement for quick decision making.

Through the data collected from the field-staff’s check-in activity, the employee’s supervisor and management is able to make key decisions that positively impact business.

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